101 video prompts to help you stand out and shine in your niche ...plus so much more

You are magnetic.

Your audience is out there waiting for you to take them forward.

And video will help you beat a powerful path path towards them.

It's just that you need a little jump-start to get your creatives juices flowing.

Because there are days when you don't know what to share that will make you stand out form the rest.

And that's not helping you, or the people who want and need what you have.

The Video Success Vault
Prompts designed to make you stand out, not blend in

✔ 101 video prompts that will generate 100s more 
✔ customisable Trello board to see them at a glance


✔ how to connect and convert on video 
✔  present like a pro
✔basic editing, titles and captions
✔ live-stream genie, the low down on slides & screen shares
✔ the one video a week formula to power all your content needs

Hi, I'm Colette, author of psychological thrillers, one time national TV correspondent and mentor to coaches and creatives who want to become a force in their field.

My magical blend of storytelling, messaging and video has helped more than 100 clients in the past 2 years unleash their personality, have fun in their business and attract clients without the hard sell.