Wish it was easy to grow your business with video on Instagram but don't fancy the hassle, headache and hours spent searching for answers?

Instagram Video Genie is your wish come true. 

For the coach and creator who’s ready to blow up their personal brand

Discover how to grow your business with video

without feeling

Completely CrInge on CAMERA

You want to do video because it ...

🔥 creates fast connection.

🔥 gets you seen and heard.

🔥 showcases your unique personality and passion

You just wish it wasn't so damn confusing, time consuming and likely to make you scream *this isn't my thing!*

  • You want to use video to supercharge audience growth and connection. 
  • You want to get over the beginning hump but need some help
  • REELS!!!*% 
  •  The tech makes your head spin. 
  • You've got video envy, everyone else seems to know what to doe except you. 
  • You’ve no clue what equipment to use.  
  • You’ve tried it before and got flustered.  
  • You don’t have the time to faff around with video. 

Video doesn’t have to be daunting if you start simple, take it one step at a time and use it strategically.

Just ask these coaches and course creators who’ve seen the rewards of my unique approach to getting camera courageous

"I went from being terrified in front of the camera to getting my first paying client with video"
"Once I got the first live out of the way, I became invincible and my business moved to a whole other level. "
"I love Colette’s energy. She’s very warm and challenges you too because she really wants to help people get over their fear of making videos"

Hi, I'm Colette

I help coaches & creatives like you go from being the best kept secret in their niche to owning the stage through a combination of storytelling, messaging and video alchemy.

You might think video would be easy for me. I spent 10 years on TV as a BBC News correspondent but when it came to going on camera for my own business, it was a whole different story.  

I didn't know what to do, the tech bamboozled me. I spent weeks searching 'How do you do xyz'  on YouTube while I watched everyone else do it with ease.

And I wished there was an easy one-stop shop that would give me all the answers.

There wasn't.

So I created it myself.

No more procrastinating
 No hours spent searching for the ‘how tos’ on Youtube

Start having fun while growing your audience and sales

Join today and get instant access to 16 video tutorials with simple steps to get you started right through to the advanced options, including 

                                        Mindset Genie
Yes, we address the elephant in the room, namely your fear. And you’ll get tools to crush the doubt and move the focus away from you to the people who need to hear you message - your audience.

Set up for success 
Lighting, framing and essential equipment questions answered in this tutorial. Plus, wear glass and want to avoid the ring light glare? I've got you covered. 

                                           Story Genie 
5 bite sized videos taking you through the why, what and how to make the most of Instagram stories plus storytelling tips on how to stop the scroll and grab your audience's attention. 

Video Genie
Posting video to your Instagram feed explained with easy steps and more advanced options 

Live Genie
Crush the fear and conquer lives. Everything you need to know about going Live 

Reels Genie
Reels demystified so you can get 1000s more eyeballs on your content. Here you'll get the simplest way to record and share shares plus the more advanced transitions, the lip syncs, how to add audio so you'll never again ask, 'how do they do that.'

Total Value £197

Discover what others are saying and decide if now is the time to blow up your personal brand with video...

I was at a loss, suddenly I had to work it all out for myself, Conquer the Camera saved me hours of precious time.

Sarah Knight

The Allergy Team

I was a television producer for 20 years, and having worked behind the camera for so long, I was extremely nervous of stepping in front of it! It’s all very well being able to help someone else appear engaging and natural on camera, but I just couldn’t apply those same rules to myself and I was paralysed with fear. Colette gave me confidence and made me feel so much more comfortable on camera. Also – I was so used to working with a team of people to help with cameras and kit, and suddenly faced with needing to work it all out for myself, I was at a loss. Colette’s course is brilliant and saved me hours of time.

Thank you SO much Colette for giving me the opportunity to overcome my longstanding fear of filming a short video. I’d completely lost my confidence but I found all the practical steps you took to make sense. And, the way you delivered it meant the world to me. You were so warm and genuine. Even though I was terrified creating my first video, I felt safe to share it with you and the group, because I knew you would be so encouraging. I've done some videos on my own since then and I can say that my confidence keeps growing. Thank you again for this special moment. I will always be so grateful.

I overcame my longstanding fear of video…and my confidence keeps growing

Mandy Laing Acupuncture

I was frozen with fear…

Julia Scott

Love Luck Wealth

I was frozen with fear regarding Facebook Lives. I don’t know why because I LOVE talking to people about my business and how I can help them because I KNOW my program works! Colette helped me realise how silly fear is, that it only holds us back. Facebook lives are not hard, in fact they’re enjoyable! She provided a safe environment for us to practice, gave feedback and encouragement. Once I got the first live out of the way I became invincible and my business moved to a whole other level. The gate unlocked and I was finally in flow with everything I needed to do to serve my audience. Magic

I was really nervous about going on camera but after working with Colette, it’s got so much easier because I know what I’m doing, and I’m confident in my messaging. I’ve made more connections and I’m growing my network and got my first paying client through video.

Colette’s experience as a BBC TV correspondent and author make her absolutely the perfect person to teach what she teaches. I learnt so much.

Polly Warren Coaching

To recap

16 mini video trainings on everything from mindset and lives to the exact tools and hacks I use to grow an engaged audience who want what I offer.
  Go at your own pace. It’s a toolkit, use what you need right now and dip in later for more advanced strategies.  

Worksheets and downloadable pdfs to cut the confusion.  

Set up for Success, the exact equipment I use if and when you want to invest.  

Total value £197


This is going to save you HOURS of time!!
It's a toolkit designed for you to go at your own pace. This isn’t a course with a completion date. You can dip in, get confident in one area and then go back to up your game.

If you have a smart phone, you have all you need to get going. I show the way I got started. And if at a later date you want to buy more kit, that’s up to you.

Hello fellow technophobe. I have explained this as simply as possible because I too am troubled by tech. Yes, I was on TV but I didn’t shoot or edit or do the sound. Conquer the Camera started out as a pet project to get me out of the overwhelm and connecting with my audience.

You’ll find more than enough on Youtube. 100s of different approaches, styles and advice. And that’s part of the issue. You’ll spend days, if not weeks trying to figure it all out. I’ve sieved through of all that (I spent those weeks down rabbit holes so you don’t have to.) But if your time is free, then go ahead.

I can’t physically force you to go on camera, that has to come from you. But I have great success in helping clients show up as themselves, let their personality shine through and communicate the message their audience want and need to hear.

As a personal brand you know that connection counts.

And video is the fastest way to build that connection. You see it working a treat for tonnes of other coaches (the very people YOU’VE bought from) and you fancy a piece of the pie because you too want to build a thriving community around your mission.  

But …trouble is, you’d rather clean your whole house twice over than put yourself on screen which means you’re missing out because…